Educational Programs


ESL Class

ESL classes are to help non-English speaking immigrants understand and interact with the culture, government, and educational system of the United States via various resources and sessions prepared.


Korean Language and Culture Class

Korean language and culture classes are to help non-Korean speakers understand the official language of Korea and interact with the culture, entertainment, and educational system of Korea via various resources, activities, and sessions prepared.


TIP (Transforming Impossible into Possible)

Transforming Impossible into Possible (TIP)® program was developed by Dr. Philip Hong and his research team at the Center for Research on Self-Sufficiency (CROSS) of Loyola University Chicago. It is a transformative social change model that serves as a framework to empower individuals and to have lasting ripple effects on the outer layers of social systems for greater impact. Based on 14 years (2004-2018) of evidence generated through Dr. Hong’s research on psychological self-sufficiency (PSS) in workforce development, TIP® emerged as a core bottom-up system change model that supports successful processes and outcomes in various sectors of human services.