Dear All friends, who support CCI financially and prayerfully

Time truly flies, and as closing the second third of 2016, CCI is grateful for so many stories.

Your supports made it possible for Hyun and Yongjin from Shin Mang Won in Korea to experience unforgettable summer time here in the United States. They had chances to meet many people who were in all different circumstances yet grateful and hard-working; they developed more confident than before through such experiences, and even got to know more about Jesus Christ as their savior. What a blessing! In behalf of CCI and Hyun and Yongjin, I’d like to extend my gratitude and appreciation again to all who spent precious time with wonderful foods and gifts for Hyun and Yongjin.
I also would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Dr. Philip Hong and his research team of Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work. CCI is a merely small and feeble organization, but Dr. Hong is willing to share his wonderful program with CCI and work together. Surely, it is a blessing to CCI.
I have to say thank you to Rev. Young B. Kim of Holy Spirit Presbyterian Church (HSPC), who prayerfully offered the office space to CCI. CCI will pray and work together with HSPC for the youth in need in the community.
Our sincerest thanks go to Ms. Grace Song and her team of ASIA Families in Washington, DC and to those who support us financially and in prayers without showing who they are, as well.
God loves each and every soul in this world greater than this whole world! I pray and hope that CCI and our supporters continuously work as pathways of God’s love and grace for such individual soul in need.
Thanking God for you,
Jamie Doh, ED