2016 F.R.I.E.N.D.S. with Shin Mang Won

Dream-Fulfilling Project for “Y” and “H”

On July 14, 2016, “H” and “Y,” who were the subject participants of the 2nd annual CCI F.R.I.E.N.D.S. with Shin Mang Won project, arrived in Atlanta, Georgia. They returned to Korea on August 11, 2016 with various experiences and relationships with good people after their four-week schedule. They enjoyed the Atlanta city tour, the three-day camp in North Georgia, Camp Rice in Baltimore, MD, the trip to Washington, DC, and tours in Michigan and Chicago, IL, which enriched their experience in travel and different culture. Also, they had the ESL program and homestay experiences helping them motivated in language learning opportunities. Especially in Camp Rice hosted by ASIA Families, a non-profit organization and CCI’s partner, they had a chance to make many friends through heartfelt relationships even though they couldn’t communicate in same languages.
The most beneficial thing for “H” and “Y” from this summer program with CCI (as the name of this program states – “Dream-Fulfilling Project”) was that they began to consider their futures and dreams with depth and details, and they also could think about their feasible career paths in specific plans and ideas.

What Are You Thankful For?
- I’m thankful for being here in the United States.

On the last day of the Washington, DC tour, they happened to see the board saying, “What are you thankful for?” in front of a church, and they without hesitation wrote their answers to it. “Y” clearly wrote down, “I’m thankful for being here in the United States.” “H” also left the phrase, “Travel to USA.” This made us so moved and happy to see them take this trip as one of the most important life events of their lives.

There were so many who sent gifts and loves for “H” and “Y” in this four-week program. Kitchen knives from ASIA Families, who knew they were learning cooking in a culinary school, cooking books and utensils, and things they wanted, such as clothes, bags and backpacks, stationery and school supplies, etc., but we know that the most precious gifts that they had were their new aunts, uncles, and friends, who will always support and pray for them.
We ask for your support and blessings for “H” and “Y” continuously, and our work with Shin Mang Won on this Dream-Fulfilling Project is going to continue next year, again.

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